Duke Philosophy

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Thanks to a cooperative program with Duke University, graduate students registered at either UNC or Duke University are able to enroll in courses offered at the other school. Duke faculty are also available to serve on the dissertation committees of UNC students. The Duke faculty are: Robert Brandon (philosophy of science); Sara Bernstein (metaphysics); Allen Buchanan (ethics); Felipe De Brigard (philosophy of mind and cognitive science); Michael Ferejohn (ancient philosophy); Owen Flanagan (moral theory and philosophy of mind); Jennifer Hawkins (ethics); Kevin Hoover (philosophy of economics); Andrew Janiak (modern philosophy); Karen Neander (philosophy of mind, philosophy of biology); Wayne Norman (ethics); Alexander Rosenberg (philosophy of science); Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (ethics, moral psychology, epistemology); Gopal Sreenivasan (ethics); Peter Van Inwagen (metaphysics, philosophical theology); David Wong (ethics, metaethics).