Program for 51st Chapel Hill Colloquium Announced

November 3 – 5, 2017

Claire Miller Lecture:  Linda Zagzebski (Oklahoma)

Russell Jones (Harvard): “The Real Challenge of Plato’s Republic

                Commentator: Rachana Kamtekar (Arizona)

Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M): “The City as a Collective Agent”

                Commentator: Ryan Muldoon (Buffalo)

Niko Kolodny (U. Cal. Berkeley): “Political Corruption”

                Commentator: Sophia Moreau (Toronto)

Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers): “Manipulative Meaning: Insinuations, Slurs, and Metaphorical Insults”

                Commentator: Richard Heck (Brown)

Students compete in third annual National High School Ethics Bowl, sponsored by the Parr Center for Ethics

On April 9-11, twenty one teams from across the U.S., and one team from Canada, traveled to Chapel Hill to compete in the third annual National High School Ethics Bowl, hosted by the Parr Center for Ethics. Congratulations to The Waterford School (first place), Phillips Exeter Academy (second place), Areté Preparatory Academy (third place), and to the Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School, who won the Spirit of the Ethics Bowl award! All of the teams were terrific, as were the judges, moderators, and volunteers who made the weekend a success!

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